Zenmuse XT2

Zenmuse XT2 Review

Zenmuse XT2 is a twin visual camera that combines visual and thermal sensors to set the standard for the next generation aerial imaging. It is designed to provide exclusive performance in search and rescue operations as well as carry out industrial inspections among other applications. This dual camera is compatible with both Matrice 200 series and DJI Matrice 600 Pro enterprise drones. If you have been looking for an excellent dual aerial thermal and visual imaging solution, the XT2 is what you will want to have under your drone. It instantly transforms aerial data into powerful insights for search and rescue applications.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Infrared Camera

Infrared cameras come in many different models and styles that range from point-and-shoot cameras to highly specialized cameras for HD-level science and research applications. For most individuals, choosing an infrared camera is cost driven while others consider certain hardware or software aspects. Let’s see some of the considerations that people make before purchasing an infrared camera.

  • Application

The environment on which you intend to use your camera largely influences the type of infrared camera you should purchase. Infrared cameras have specific designs that incorporate specific features to make them ideal for specific applications. For instance, cameras to be used in the building industry usually feature a limited temperature range, which means that they may limit your future application options.

  • Resolution

The resolution of the camera also matters since it determines the quality of images the camera will produce. Currently, the maximum resolution for an infrared camera is 1024×768 while the lowest resolution can be as low as 60×80. Depending on your application, you can pick a camera with a higher resolution to capture clear high-quality images and videos.

  • Accuracy

Currently, most cameras come with an accuracy of + or – 20 or 2 percent while cheaper models come with + or -50. However, some high-end cameras have an accuracy of + or -10. The amount of accuracy on the camera you intend to buy is dependent on the applications that you will be working with. Nonetheless, keep in mind that user input error can be more significant than camera error.

  • Refresh Rate

This refers to the number of images displayed on the camera per second. The higher the refresh rate, the better the performance of the camera. A camera with a 30Hz is better if you want more professional thermography or specialized applications.

  • Functionality

An easy to use camera is convenient. When buying your camera, make sure you try it out to be sure it is versatile to use in your intended applications.

  • Lens

Lenses are great, especially when you want a wider or narrow field of view. Not all infrared cameras, however, come with an option to add additional lenses. If you need a wider or narrower field of view, buy a camera with interchangeable lenses option since it will allow you to use it for multiple purposes.

  • Sensitivity

Thermal sensitivity for infrared is an important feature, especially on some specific applications. A sensitive infrared camera will allow you to measure even the smallest temperature difference. This is important, especially for building thermography applications. However, be careful with the specifications because some manufacturers may quote a higher value over the number of frames.

Presenting the Product

Zenmuse XT2 is a thermal imaging camera designed and manufactured in partnership with FLIR Systems. It is made to be an important tool for drone users who wish to capture heat signatures that are invisible to the naked eye. It comes with side-by-side visual and thermal imaging sensors that deliver unmatched data capture and public safety awareness, especially during emergency services, search and rescue missions, disaster recovery, and industrial inspection applications. It is housed in a weather-resistant casing that ensures durability. It combines Flir’s advanced radiometric thermal sensor and the 4K visual sensor to deliver a powerful enterprise drone platform.


  • Impressive frame rates for a clear video stream
  • Multiple XT2’s lens options for a better field of view and varied shots
  • XT2’s onboard intelligence system for better far easier control


  • It is expensive
  • It is heavier than its competitors

Features and Specifics

  • Dual Vision for Superior Intelligence

The XT2 comes with the FLIR Tau 2 thermal sensor and a 4K visual camera with DJI’s leading stabilization and machine intelligence technology. This allows excellent and fast transfer of aerial data to provide powerful insights that will not only save you time and money but also lives.

  • Sturdy Dual-Sensor Thermal Solution

The XT2 is housed in a robust weather resistant casing that is combined with FLIR’s advanced radiometric thermal sensor and a 4K visual sensor that combine to deliver a powerful enterprise drone platforms. The casing is IP44 classified, thus making it incredible weather resistant.

  • Real-Time Data Transfer

It comes with an XT2’s onboard machine intelligence system that allows users to identify subjects on-site instead of taking a lengthy processing time. This will allow you to complete your missions faster and efficiently.

  • Temp Alarm System

The XT2 comes with an impressive temp alarm system that allows you to set temperature threshold parameters so that whenever you surpass the threshold, the alarm will alert you. Moreover, you won’t collide with objects above the temperature.

Social Proof

There is no social proof because Zenmuse XT2 is new in the market. DJI just announced its launching a few months ago.



FLIR DUO PRO R is a bit smaller and cheaper, thus offering a cost-effective option for a startup in drone business or search and rescue missions as compared to other options available on the market. Its compact size also makes it more portable as compared to the XT2.

  • The XT2 is heavy while FLIR DUO PRO R is lightweight
  • The XT2 comes with better frame rates than the FLIR DUO PRO R
  • The XT2 comes with lens options that are unlike those of FLIR DUO PRO R


FLIR VUE PRO is designed for professional use. In fact, FLIR VUE PRO offers more than what an ordinary thermal camera would offer. Besides being a thermal measurement camera, it doubles up as a data recorder that brings incredible value to your sUAS operations and services. Moreover, it is easy to configure it with the FLIR UAS app that lets you set color palettes among other features.

  • It has MAVLink compatibility for image geo-tagging for easy control camera unlike XT2
  • FLIR VUE PRO captures more accurate measurements with non-contact temperature measurements with calibrated temperature date embedded in every pixel unlike XT2


FLIR VUE PRO R is a thermal imaging camera that efficiently records accurate non-contact temperature measurements from an aerial view. For every stationary image, VUE PRO R saves accurate calibrated temperature data that is embedded in each pixel. It also comes with MAVLINK integration and camera control for easy commands and control over PWM.

  • VUE PRO R features MAVLINK integration and camera control unlike XT2
  • Comes with inbuilt low-power Bluetooth module unlike the XT2


The XT2 is a dual thermal imaging camera that is specially designed to transform aerial imaging. With Flir’s Tau 2 thermal sensor and the 4K visual camera, XT2 is certainly an excellent option for those looking for an overall package for a drone camera. If you are looking for a thermal camera to inspect your vast industrial park, inspect a building that is damaged, or use it for search and rescue missions, the XT2’s Flir thermal sensors will reveal subjects in finer details, even those that are invisible to your eyes.

You can complete your tasks quickly and efficiently with the XT2 camera. The onboard machine intelligence system will allow you to identify all the important details on site and process it instantly to minimize the time you use on your operations. Despite its slightly higher price, you can be sure to get more than just a thermal imaging camera.

What kind of applications do you have in mind? Is it search and rescue, public safety awareness, or is it a survey and mapping operations? Whatever the application, the XT2 has you covered! Click here to check it out.