Flir Vue Pro R: An Overview

Both those who fly drones for a hobby and those who fly drones for profit can agree on one thing: thermal imaging through drone flying is one of the most important aspects of operating your drone. With a plethora of information to be gotten from these types of images, it’s important to make sure you are getting a top of the line imaging camera to capture high-quality images – and the Flir Vue Pro R does just that.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Infrared Camera

Given the extraordinary price point of products in the Flir Vue line, it’s important to consider what you need to know before investing in an infrared camera. For instance, it may make more sense for someone who is a beginner, or only working at a hobby pursuant level, to purchase a lower priced camera – the Flir model specializes in high-quality thermal imaging. In most cases, professional drone flyers may find this sort of technology beneficial, but from a hobbyist standpoint, it may be a bit over the top.

However, it truly depends on the type of data you are attempting to gather and how you wish to use it. If you are looking for a thermal camera to capture a general picture from an aerial viewpoint, it may make more sense for you to purchase a lower quality or previous generation thermal camera. These will come at a lower price point that may be more reasonable to some individuals who stare in awe at the $4000 price point the Flir Vue currently sits at. If you are looking for top of the line, newest technology with cutting edge images to use with clients, or for gathering personal data, however, this particular camera will likely be the best fit for you, as the Flir Vue has a plethora of features that allow it to far surpass other thermal imaging cameras currently on the market.

About The Flir Vue Pro R

Many thermal cameras exist for drones on the market, however, this model promises something that many other models don’t – high quality, non-contact thermal imaging. Furthermore, one of the highest selling points for this particular camera is the temperature reading feature. The camera markets itself as having specific temperature information in each pixel of data gathered by the camera itself – far surpassing the expectations of similar cameras on the market. In most cases, Flir advertises this particular camera as an exquisite tool for professionals in the field to use to gather and analyze data.

Features and Benefits

While many different types of thermal imaging cameras offer a wide variety of features, it seems that the Flir Vue provides a series of features that sets it apart from the rest.

Data Gathering

The Flir’s unique ability to gather data in many different conditions is one of the most important aspects of the camera itself. Unlike many other thermal imaging cameras that can be attached to drones and other similar models, the Flir is able to effectively see through smoke and fog to gather data. In several different tests of this feature, it was proven that the specific data gathered above smoke and fog was as accurate as data gathered with a clear aerial view. For the professional drone pilot, this is great news for multiple reasons.

To begin with, it means that the weather will not negatively impact the quality of images taken. Furthermore, it means that in smokey situations, accurate information can still be gathered for use. Ultimately, it means that drone pilots will have one less environmental factor to worry about in offering their services, or in generic data gathering.

Non-Contact Thermal Measurements

This is one of the most important features of the Flir camera. This model provides high-quality imaging with thermal information in every pixel of data gathered. While this may seem excessive to those who are unfamiliar with thermal technology, professionals will find this information highly valuable. Additionally, the camera can be moved while in the air to gather a wider range of data from the aerial viewpoint, saving the drone pilot valuable time in the air.

Once the drone has landed again, the video captured by the drone can be saved to a micro-sd card and then analyzed using a wide variety of software. While Flir recommends using its software to analyze the video, any software that is able to integrate the thermal data in a pixel by pixel manner can be used to extrapolate and analyze the information.

A Variety of Uses

Due to the ability to provide the user with such in-depth data, this model of the Flir camera has a wide variety of uses, both for those who will use the drone as a hobby and for those who use the camera itself professionally. With the information gathered from the camera, various procedures can be performed to gather data – such as the inspection of solar panels, inspection of roofs, building infrastructure analysis, highway and road analysis, and general public safety reviews.

The Social Proof

After searching the web in an attempt to find other individuals who had also had a positive experience using the product, it was determined that plenty of others had also had positive experiences in the past using this particular thermal imaging camera. For instance: see reviews on this page

Clearly, experienced users have enjoyed using the product and advise that despite the rather high price point, it was worth the overall investment to use this particular thermal imaging camera.

Alternatives to the Product

There are several similar products on the market that you may find better fit your needs, depending on exactly what you are looking for in a thermal imaging camera – these specific, different products are listed below for you to review and consider.

Flir Vue Pro

Coming in at $2349, this model of the Flir camera is far more affordable. At first glance, the two appear to look relatively similar. Ultimately, however, what makes the difference between the Pro R and the Pro is the Pro R’s ability to capture pixelated data from an aerial view. For the novice who needs only a wide overview or the general hobbyist, however, the Pro may be the best choice, as it does not provide as detailed information and is nearly half the price of the Pro R.

Zenmuse XT2

This thermal imaging model is often considered to be higher quality than the Pro R – however, it is still considered a part of the Flir family. This camera provides a wide variety of features as well as several different models of the camera itself, so it can be tailored to each user’s specific needs. More expensive models of this particular camera can cost as much as $12,000 – in many cases, this is a higher end model for individuals who intend to use the data gathered from their thermal cameras professionally. The camera itself provides additional features, such as heat tracking and temperature alarms, which allow for higher level data to be monitored in real time.


Another member of the Flir family, this particular model got its name as it has two thermal sensors on it, as well as a full spectrum color camera. The camera allows the drone to perform real-time monitoring, as well – and at a price point comparable to that of the Vue Pro R. However, this particular model does not offer the pixel by pixel thermal information – so ultimately, if you are less concerned with the exactness of your thermal information this may be a better choice for you.


Ultimately, the Vue Pro R is a great camera model and has a plethora of interesting features that both the professional and hobbyist may find useful. If you are looking for specific information in regards to the thermal temperature of an area from an aerial view, for instance, this is the perfect product for you. Of course, there are other options on the market – so if you’re looking for something a little different than what was presented here, you have plenty of options.

The camera itself may be on the pricey side, coming in at $4000, however, many individuals have stated that this camera is worth the investment, with its unique ability to gather data that can be analyzed. If you are interested in finding out more about this particular product, of course, you can always click here to see purchasing options and find additional information.